Workshop: High Impact Presentation Challenges

ATTENTION! This is a 2-SESSION workshop (Wednesday & Thursday).

Trainer: Marc Van den Eede

Every trainee gets an intake form and/or will be called in order to make it a tailor made training day for her/him

What are the possible challenges?

  • Condensing (make it SLIM: stimulating less - slides - is more)
  • Confidence, self-confidence, being connected with yourself: how?
  • Connection: what is your definition? What do we need for connectivity?
  • Customer (audience) based presentation: there is no I in Team… how?
  • Story telling: the Q&A approach, the ultimate way to looking at different attention points;
  • Q&A philosophy: if there is no question, there never can be an answer 
  • Preparation and retranslating science related presentations into an adoptable story: how?
  • Fragmenting your story… make it more simply to adopt…
  • Enhancing creativity by making associations: how?
  • Enthusing & influencing (which is much more than convincing…)
  • Kill your darlings and avoid the Slide Saturation Syndrome
  • Optimal usage of the philosophy of prime time… and what to do to avoiding down time?
  • Motivating your audience: do you want them to achieve or to avoid something or both?
  • Plenary: how to use the room in an influencing way?
  • Sensorial approach: the importance of visual and auditory synchronization…
  • Starting with Why (Simon Sinek)… why?
  • Staying with the bigger picture (skip the details);
  • Vocal skills: talking speed and inserting “adoption” pauses;
  • Vulnerability: appropriate or not during a presentation?
  • Word mirroring: using the right and avoiding non-appropriate words…
Lecture room 2.1, building Hoveniersberg
Date and time: 
woensdag, 5 juli, 2017 - 13:30 tot 17:00
donderdag, 6 juli, 2017 - 13:00 tot 16:30
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