PLENARY SESSION: Testimonies on why researchers engage with science communication and what it brought to them

In this plenary session, young researchers affiliated with Flemish universities will testify about their experiences with science communication. By sharing examples and best practices, they will illustrate how you can use science communication to the benefit of your current research and future career.

  • Francis wyffels (UGent) will testify about his experiences with science communication in the field of Robotics. He has been organizing robot slams since he was a student and also works on invoking an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), focusing on girls both in Belgium as well as in developing countries.
  • Angelique Van Ombergen (UAntwerpen) is a researcher in the field of neuroscience. She has been writing blogs and a text book about neuroscience for high school students. She is currently writing a children’s book on how the brain works.
  • Sophie Mossoux and Sam Poppe (VUB) have developed the interactive game Hazagora as their PhD project. Their objective is to use their research to introduce high school students to geographic disasters and the ways to defend ourselves against them.
  • Rob Cornelissen (UHasselt) is part of the OSCAR team that released a balloon into the stratosphere to investigate if printable solar cells can be used there. They reported about their experiences on their blog, on social media and on television.
  • Leen Sevens (KU Leuven) investigates how to make social media available to illiterate people. She explained her research - using only three minutes and three slides - to a laymen’s audience during Falling Walls Lab Leuven, where she won the jury’s first prize as well as the audience award.

Our host is Jeroen Baert. He is a Phd student of the Computer Graphics Research group at the KU Leuven. At least, that's what people think. At night, he transforms Bruce Wayne-like into his unmasked alter ego Jeroen Baert - a deliciously cunning pseudonym, he knows. Humor is his weapon, damsels in distress are his damsels in distress, and more than two units of alcohol his kryptonite. Since 2010 he launches himself on stages all over the country. A stage, a micro or megaphone and an audience, that's all he needs. Active and infamous at Preparee, The Belgian Improvisation League and the Joker Impro Team, he tries to use his scientific powers for good at several science events, like the science slam of the KU Leuven and FameLab Belgium.


Plenary session
Auditorium Quetelet, building Tweekerken
Date and time: 
donderdag, 6 juli, 2017 - 10:00 tot 12:00
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