PLENARY SESSION: Science communication: what, why and how?

Science communication, public engagement, societal impact. What is it? Why does the world need it and what is in it for you? In this session Alex Verkade will answer these questions and provide you with insights into the world of science communication. Expect some theory, many inspiring examples and concrete advice for those eager to start (or continue) their own public engagement project right after the summer school.

The session will take two hours, during which you will at some point be expected to awaken your creative talents and generate exciting ideas together.


Alex Verkade is a biologist by training, but a science communication expert by profession. He founded De Praktijk, a creative company for science education and communication, in the year 2000. In the years since, he and his colleagues created and organised many, many public engagement projects. these ranged from educational materials to institute opening events; and from communication training days for scientists to the Discovery Festival, a yearly Amsterdam nightlife fixture bringing live scientific experiments together with new art and a cutting edge music program. In 2016, Alex terminated the company.

This last year, Alex developed an assessment tool to recognize and reward high quality public engagement activities by scientists. Goal: to help scientists do better public engagement activities, enhance the quality of science communication and public dialogue systemwide, and improve public engagement with and societal impact of research.

Plenary session
auditorium Quetelet, building Tweekerken
Date and time: 
dinsdag, 4 juli, 2017 - 10:00 tot 12:00
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