Interdisciplinary communication (Niek D'Hondt)

Opportunities for scientific progress often lie in the cracks between disciplines. Teams with several different backgrounds stand the most chance of discovering these hidden gems. Yet often team members don’t speak the same language, requirements are unclear or researchers use seemingly incompatible methods.

Participants of the workshop will learn about interdisciplinary innovation from start to finish. Through practical exercises they will learn about the opportunities and where to begin. Next they will find out how to collaborate across disciplines, communicate effectively and execute a constructive interdisciplinary research project. Finally, they will learn how to fully reap the benefits of an interdisciplinary collaboration and how to follow up.

Seminarielokaal HP4, O&N2, Gasthuisberg
Date and time: 
dinsdag, 3 juli, 2018 - 09:00 tot 12:30
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